How to use "Coffee-Bytes code folding"? I want to use user defined region but don't know how to use it. Can anyone guide me? And how to use it in java code?


Firstly, you'll need to configure Coffee Bytes Java folding as the folding scheme to use, and then enable User Defined Regions, as shown below.

Enable Coffee Bytes Java folding

Secondly, you'll need to configure the start and end identifiers that will be used to identify the beginning and termination of regions in your code. In this case, I've chosen {{ and }} as it fits well with the Apache Isis templates that I use.

Configure the start and end regions

Finally, I use the same start and end identifiers in my code to demarcate regions and to trigger the Coffee Bytes folding plugin to recognize the same. After saving the preferences, your user-defined regions should immediately take effect (although you may need to close and re-open any open code files).

Use start and end regions in code

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