I am trying to generate gateway+microservice apps in jhipster. Codegen completes fine but then the resulting app fails compilation with

R:\my-ms\gateway\src\main\java\com\my\domain\Practice.java:336: error: cannot find symbol
    public void setStaffId(UUID staff) {
  symbol:   class UUID
  location: class Practice
18 errors

I am using this config:

application {
  config {
    baseName gateway
    applicationType gateway
    packageName com.my
    authenticationType jwt
    reactive false
    clientFramework react
    buildTool gradle
    serverPort 8080
  entities * 


entity Practice {
    practiceName String
    address1 String
    address2 String
    city String
    state String
    zip String

entity Staff {
    id UUID
    jobtitle String

relationship OneToMany {
    Staff to Practice{staff}

Where did I go wrong?


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