I used Cocoapods a lot, but recently whenever I was updating the pods (pod update), it started duplicating files and often didn't let me create a build for the App Store.

I updated Cocoapods to the last version possible but still didn't solve that. Then I tried to remove and re-install it.

Now is occurring another issue. When I try to run pod install on any project, pods are not getting installed like previously, but is showing this error:

myUser$ pod install
Analyzing dependencies
[!] Couldn't determine repo type for URL: `https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git`: Permission bits for '/Users/myUser/.netrc' should be 0600, but are 644

Previously, this never happened, but now it's happening even on projects that Cocoapods worked like a charm. What could be the problem?

Thank you in advance.

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The error message says there's a permission issue:

Permission bits for '/Users/myUser/.netrc' should be 0600, but are 644

So in order to fix the permission, you should do this:

chmod 600 ~/.netrc

Then try to run pod install again. If the root cause was really this permissions issue then everything should work.


In addition to 0xced's answer: Check and fix possible syntax errors in ~/.netrc .

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