How can I just change the icon for the open/close dropdown list? I want to functionality to stay the same. As I tried to add them as endAdornment, the functionality is gone for both remove and open/close(arrow) icons.

I just want to add a new arrow icon instead of Material-UI's custom one.

enter image description here

return (
            onChange={(event, value) => {
                handleOnChange(event, value);
            sx={{ width: 300 }}
            renderInput={params => {
                return (
                            startAdornment: (
                                <span className="contract-search-icon">
                                    <img src={`${ASSETS_BASE_URL}/icons/icon-search.svg`} alt="" />
                        label="Vertrag suchen"

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Use popupIcon prop, it accepts a ReactNode. See the full API of Autocomplete here:

<Autocomplete popupIcon={<YourCustomIcon />}

Live Demo

Codesandbox Demo

  • Do you know how I can add a rotate effect to that image? It will really help me
    – Muneeb
    Aug 11, 2023 at 12:22

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