I would like to block any get request to /.git, /wp-login,/remote/login/, so i have created the following filter which also includes other requests.

 badagents = 360Spider|ZmEu|Auto Spider 1.0|zgrab/[0-9]*\.[0-9a-zA-Z]*|Wget\(.*\)|MauiBot.*|AspiegelBot.*|SemrushBot.*|PHP/.*

failregex = ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD).*HTTP.*(?:%(badagents)s)"$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD) /+wp-login\.php.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD) /.git/HEAD.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"GET /.git/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD) /wp-login/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD) /.git/objects/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD) //.git/objects/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD) /remote/login/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"(GET|POST|HEAD) /wp/wp-includes/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"GET /wp/wp-includes/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"GET /wp/wp-login.php/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"GET /test/wp-includes/.*$
        ^.+?:\d+ <HOST> -.*"GET /config/getuser/.*$

I have also attached this to my jail.local with

enabled     =true
port        =http,https
logpath     = /var/log/nginx/access.log
filter      =one-time-ban
bantime     = 300
maxretry    = 1
findtime     = 10

I have tested this by trying to access /.git on the url for more than 10 times but am still not getting banned. Why is this failing. I believe the issue to be at the failregex what do i need to add extra inorder for fail2ban to work?


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