I have a block of text that looks like this:

    <!-- BOF CLEAN -->
... a bunch of stuff 
    <!-- EOF CLEAN -->

I'd like to remove this entire block. What's the sed command?

$ cat text 
    <!-- BOF CLEAN -->
... a bunch of stuff
    <!-- EOF CLEAN -->
$ sed '/<!-- BOF CLEAN -->/,/<!-- EOF CLEAN -->/d' text 


  • SED deleted my file!! I did sed '/^0.*$/d' s1d13700.c which spit the correct result to the console, then I did sed '/^0.*$/d' s1d13700.c >s1d13700.c to overwrite the original file with the result, and the file ended up completely empty! – Mark Jeronimus Jan 11 '14 at 9:49
  • 8
    @Zom-B What happens in sed ... s1d13700.c >s1d13700.c is that the shell first creates a new empty file s1d13700.c before running sed, thus overwriting your input file with the same name. Use sed -i.original ... s1d13700.c to change the file in-place and create a back-up of the original file as s1d13700.c.original. – Maxim Egorushkin Jan 11 '14 at 14:23
  • @MarkJeronimus technically, the shell deleted (truncated) your file, and logically, you deleted your file. Note that sed -i is a GNU (non-POSIX) extension, as far as I remember – sehe May 1 '18 at 8:52

To remove all the text starting from and including <!-- BOF CLEAN --> and ending at and including <!-- EOF CLEAN -->, use following sed command:

sed -i '/<!-- BOF CLEAN -->/,/<!-- EOF CLEAN -->/d' file_name;

Reference: Delete text or paragraph between two sections using sed


These days I am using the /s modifier to do this. I noticed no one mentioned that. I use markup with is free of spaces too like

{bof-nf} ... a bunch of stuff {eof-nf}

So for example, to remove this block, use

$newcontent = preg_replace("/\{bof-nf\}(.*)\{eof-nf\}\\n/s", "", $newcontent);

To keep the block but remove the tags, use

$newcontent = preg_replace("/\{bof-nf\}.*\\n/", "", $newcontent); $newcontent = preg_replace("/\{eof-nf\}.*\\n/", "", $newcontent);

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