I want to make a function associated to a data type say int that can be accessed using the dot operator such that:

int x = 9;
std::string s = x.ToString();

I know how to do so with std::string and the likes but not the int data type. Is that possible?


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No, this is not possible. An int is a primitive type whereas a std::string is a class type that contains methods.

However, you could create your own struct/class in order to implement this functionality. The struct Int type has a constructor which takes in an integer and uses an initializer list :a(value) to assign the internal integer with a given value.

#include <string>

struct Int
    int a;

    Int(int value)
        : a(value)

    std::string ToString() const { return std::to_string(a); }

int main()
    Int a = 20;
    std::string s = a.ToString();
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    Constructor initialiser lists were not introduced in C++11. They have been in all C++ standards since 1998. C++11 introduced uniform initialisation and the std::initializer_list templated type, but they are something different.
    – Peter
    Oct 7, 2021 at 4:27

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