Should this take longer than 10 minutes to complete? If not, what might be the problem? I was able to successfully conda search for the package I want, but now it is hanging when I try to install.


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Conda is notoriously slow, as soon as you have more than a handful of packages installed.

The simplest and happiest way forward would probably be to use mamba instead of conda for installation/updates of new packages and environments.

Mamba has 2.2k stars on Github, works extremely well and is used happily by many many projects. It's probably the solution.

Give it a try and see how it works. Whenever I forget to use mamba instead of conda, I quickly abort and rerun with mamba, because I don't have 10s of minutes to waste.

See here for the docs: https://github.com/mamba-org/mamba

This answer goes into some more depth if Mamba isn't acceptable for you: https://stackoverflow.com/a/66963979/7483211


I've came with a solution, it may not be the clearest one, but here you have:

conda activate <<YOUR_ENV>>
conda install -c anaconda pip
pip install <<PACKAGE>>
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