Is there a way to specify error response per endpoint? Like we can specify Result & Request type when defining a query or mutation. I did went through the documentation and updated the base query. I am getting the generic success/error response types but still trying to figure out how to define error type per endpoint.

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As per our GitHub Discussion (which might be insightful for others with the same question): not at the moment.

  • thanks a lot for the detailed reply on github.
    – Khubaib
    Oct 14, 2021 at 6:01

My issue as well is that there is a type definition for {error} and they don't comply to my console.log(error). The following solution allowed me to define my own types for {error}

} else if (error) {
    const newError:CreateYourInterfaceBasedOnConsoleLog = error;
    content = <p>{newError.status} = {newError.data.detail}</p>
} else {

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