I want to be able to pass an "email" and a "password" and check if the user has successfully logged in

I tried looking at the https://github.com/divinity76/msgme/blob/master/src/php/relays/facebook.relay.php

But I wasn't able to modify it to my requirements I just want a simple php script pass the email and password and check if it's correct

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    What on earth would you need this for? I can't see any legitimate use case for this. And any user giving your their login credentials for such a purpose, would basically be in violation of Facebook's terms already.
    – CBroe
    Oct 8 at 7:44
  • What is the reason for this? If you want to integrate your application with Facebook then there are proper processes for that which you can read about in the Facebook developer documentation, and probably in endless tutorials etc. Like CBroe I can't see why you'd ever want or need to do the thing you're trying.
    – ADyson
    Oct 8 at 10:40
  • I already figured it out, thanks As for the reason, there's basically no reason I just like to tinker with different things. I don't have any big website or any app so I wasn't asking it for any illegal purposes
    – Acid Rain
    Oct 8 at 16:46