In a list of names(3 full names) I need to extract the first and middle initials with the last name in full and return all this as a string...Here is what I have tried but I keep getting just one name and not the three when I iterate...Pls help ..new to python,and this is driving me bunkers.. My code below:

def fancy_me(name_string):

    name = ', '.join(name_string)
    name_list = name.split()
    name_sublist = name_list[:3]
    name_sublist2 = name_list[3:6]
    name_sublist3 = name_list[-3:]
    new_namelist = [name_sublist, name_sublist2, name_sublist3]
    for x in new_namelist:
        new_list = []
        first = (x[0][0])
        mid = (x[1][0])
        last = (x[2])
    return first + ' .' + mid + '. ' + last

print(fancy_me(["First Middle Last", "David Andrew Joyner", "George P Burdell"]))

my output: G .P. Burdell

Desired output: F. M. Last, D. A. Joyner, G. P. Burdell

  • What is name_string? Wasn't that parameter rather supposed to be names: list[str]? Doesn't it make much more sense to process each name in that list individually, and only ', '.join the results at the end?
    – Manfred
    Oct 10 at 12:38
  • You aren’t returning a list, so I’m nt sure why you’re surprised you only get a single name
    – balmy
    Oct 10 at 12:39
  • @manfred, name_string, is the parameter name for the list of strings... the function returns
    – PlumChy
    Oct 10 at 12:43
  • @Manfred...it is all making sense, will try that now..Thanks!
    – PlumChy
    Oct 10 at 12:45
  • you need to put new_list defining out of the loop and then append to new_list for each one. Then return the new_list.
    – Sdgh17
    Oct 10 at 12:54

You have a couple of issues here. First, you are joining at the wrong time - you want to do the comma join at the end rather than the beginning. This is getting in the way of the splitting you're doing. Then it looks like you have wrong expectiations of how Python will deal with the inputs above your loop. It will not do any looping over the inputs automatically.

I'd break out the two different functions as follows:

def initialize(name):
    first, middle, last = name.split()  # note this assumes all names will only be three parts

    return f"{first[0]}. {middle[0]}. {last}"

def fancy_me(namelist):
    return ", ".join(initialize(name) for name in namelist)
  • @chtonicdaemon, thank you!
    – PlumChy
    Oct 10 at 12:52

If you want to eliminate the assumption in @chthonicdaemon's answer that all names consist of three parts, you can adapt the solution in the following way:

def initialize(name: str) -> str:
    parts = name.split()
    return ". ".join(part[0] for part in parts) + parts[-1][1:]

def fancy_me(namelist: list[str]) -> str:
    return ", ".join(initialize(name) for name in namelist)
  • Thanks to both of you, both codes made sense and returned the desired output. Great community on here, will continue to learn and not give up! Many Thanks!!
    – PlumChy
    Oct 10 at 13:00

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