I've been trying to refer to a column in the function jsonb_to_recordset() instead of entering it in the raw form. The table structure we are talking about is this:

CREATE TABLE clusters (
cluster_id bigserial PRIMARY KEY,
cluster_name text,
cluster_restrictors jsonb);

A single cluster_restrictor looks like this:

  "min_av_grade": null, 
  "min_tot_grade": null, 
  "restrictor_reqs": [{"grade": "2:1","restriction": ["Physics"]}],
  "restrictor_type": "BSc"

My latest attempt to retrieve a table-like result is:

WITH arrb AS (
  SELECT jsonb_agg(cluster_restrictors) 
from clusters
SELECT jsonb_to_recordset(jsonb_agg) AS (restrictor_type text) 
FROM arrb;

ending in a syntax error.

So shortly, how to get from this?

 cluster_id | cluster_name |                                                                          cluster_restrictors
          3 |              | [{"min_av_grade": null, "min_tot_grade": null, "restrictor_reqs": [{"grade": "2:1", "restriction": ["Physics"]}], "restrictor_type": "BSc"}]
          4 |              | [{"min_av_grade": null, "min_tot_grade": null, "restrictor_reqs": [{"grade": "2:1", "restriction": 7}, {"grade": "2:2", "restriction": 8}], "restrictor_type": "BSc"}]

to this:

 restrictor_type |                             restrictor_reqs
 BSc             | [{"grade": "2:1", "restriction": 7}, {"grade": "2:2", "restriction": 8}]
 BSc             | [{"grade": "2:1", "restriction": ["Physics"]}]

What could be done?

  • Can you give an example of what the output is supposed to look like please Oct 10 at 17:23
  • I read your question several times and still don't know what you are asking exactly. Please clarify. Oct 10 at 19:23
  • What is restrictor_type? What are you trying to select? Why are you doing jsonb_agg(cluster_restrictors) instead of referring to clusters.cluster_restrictors in your actual query?
    – Bergi
    Oct 10 at 22:48
  • Clarifications made. Thank you for the engagement
    – Heligo
    Oct 11 at 9:17
  • I suggest the new title as edited as the old one seemed focused on the wrong tool. Oct 11 at 21:37

Seems like you can just use (the simpler) jsonb_array_elements() instead of jsonb_to_recordset() and then plain field extraction operators:

SELECT cr.value ->> 'restrictor_type' AS restrictor_type
     , cr.value ->  'restrictor_reqs' AS restrictor_reqs
FROM   clusters c, jsonb_array_elements(c.cluster_restrictors) cr;


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