when setup my email configration inside keyclock realm and after click to test conection i have this error Error! Logged in user does not have an e-mail.

and this is image to explain my problem

enter image description here


Error is exactly what it is said. You have to add email address for the user by which you logged in to Keycloak Admin Console.

Go to Manage Account(http://<host>/auth/admin/master/console/) -> Personal Info -> Update firstName/lastName/emailAddress -> Save and try to add smtp configuration again.enter image description here

  • okay but after updated it the error is changed. the error says Error! Failed to send email Oct 11 at 10:41
  • May be issue with your smtp configuration or any other configuration. You have to share keycloak logs to debug this issue
    – Abhijeet
    Oct 12 at 2:26

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