We created and set up the Facebook App for an Instagram Chatbot usecase. Then performed below actions

  • Set up a Facebook Page
  • Set up a Instagram Professional account
  • Connected the IG account to the FB page.
  • In FB app, Generated Acccess Token by selecting the IG account and FB page.
  • Set the callback URL for webhook and subscribed to all the events.
  • Added users as testers under Roles > Roles.

Checked the integration by sending messages to IG account. Chatbot service received the messages and bot replies reached user successfully.

Performed below actions and submitted the app review request.

  • Set the "Platform" for the app as website with the website url.
  • Requested Advanced Accesss for "instagram_manage_messages" and "instagram_basic" permissions.
  • Entered all the details like App Verification Details, reason for requesting access to permissions along with screen recording of IG user conversing with the chatbot. Did not provide any credentials.

Submitted the request and it got rejected with feedback comments - We found that your app's test credentials did not allow us to fully review the content of the app or there were no test credentials provided for us to review., During review, we were unable to verify the use case outlined in your notes and screencast when we logged into your app.

Since then, we are trying to find the missing parts. Some articles are suggesting implmenting Facebook Login Integration. Followed this doc https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/instagram/get-started for the same. But didn't understand why and how to use FB Login Integration (Is it to be used by app developers or app reviewers?).

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