I'm trying to use the Facebook Handover Protocol with an app connected to a chatbot (made with Rasa), following the facebook documentation.
The chatbot is correctly connected to a Page and it's app is subscribed to the webhooks : messages, messaging_postback, messaging_handover and standby

Then I can set the app as primary receiver in the Page settings, but for the Secondary Receiver, "Page Inbox" is not in the list.
If I try to fill nothing for the secondary receiver, I have an error when requesting the Pass Thread Control API.

I would like to allow an operator to respond directly in the inbox rather than having to set up a second app that manages this. I saw many examples where "Page Inbox" is in the list of the secondary receiver and I don't understand why I don't have it.. https://flow.ai/blog/handle-facebook-messenger-handovers

Am I missing something? Is this option subject to EU restrictions or no longer available?

Thanks in advance :)

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