I use a 3rd party library that handles the SSO logins, jwt token creation etc, however it relies on the use of the facebook oAuth web login. Since facebook does not allow the use of embedded browsers anymore, my facebook login doesn't work at all.

I realize this approach is bad, but I cannot do anything about this at the moment.

Is there a way I can still show the oAuth view? I need the code included in the callback to successfully issue the JWT token.

Right now what I try to do is:

                source={{ uri: 'https://www.facebook.com/v12.0/dialog/oauth?client_id=XXXXXXXXX&redirect_uri=https://test-test.test.com/facebook/callback' }}
                onLoadStart={event => onLoadStart(provider, event, webViewRef, onSuccess)}

But this always ends up with the Log In Disabled - logging into Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled.

Is there a way to use the web oAuth login?

  • "Is there a way to use the web oAuth login?" - only in a normal browser window, but not in a webview component.
    – CBroe
    Oct 12 at 10:27
  • @CBroe is there a way to do it in react native though?
    – benjaminv2
    2 days ago

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