I'm using graph API v12.0to add images with backdate.

I'm posting to {page_id}/photos endpoint and it works fine on 2 pages - but not on my production page. On test pages Photos are backdated properly. However, when I try to post to my main page, backdating does not work and all posts have "Just now" date added. Can't figure out, what's the difference between these 2 pages and my main page - maybe some kind of bug?. Tried all tokens, from temp, through long lived to permanent.
I created 3 Apps. each app works fine on test sites, but not on my main Facebook Page.

Tried with backdated_time as string (YYYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss) and as Unix Timestamp. Also tried adding created_time field to request.

What's odd, when photo is on site, I can backdate it manually without a problem. However backdating each photo manually is not solution.


I've found, that this site is managed by business account, and other two are managed by personal account. It may be related to this.

Eit2: I also tried creating "system users" for business account, but they cannot create photos.

  • Is your app reviewed & in live mode yet?
    – CBroe
    Oct 12 at 13:35
  • It is not. Would it matter however? It can publish to 2 pages, which are also published, just fine. Just one page does not see it. The only thing in difference between these 2 and main one is number of existing posts and fans.
    – Grzegorz
    Oct 12 at 16:59

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