I created a post to a Facebook Page and got the permalink_url successfully using the api as shown in my code below:

let postUrl = `https://graph.facebook.com/${pageId}/feed`;
let { data } = await axios.post(postUrl, urlParams);
let postId = data.id;

let accessToken = access_token;
let postLinkRequestUrl = `https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/${postId}?fields=permalink_url&access_token=${accessToken}`;

let postLinkRequestResponse = await axios.get(postLinkRequestUrl);
let { permalink_url } = postLinkRequestResponse.data; //Perma Link gotten successfully for post to be rendered outside Facebook

Now, I'm trying to render the post outside Facebook using a ReactJS Library called react-facebook as below

<FacebookProvider appId={process.env.REACT_APP_FACEBOOK_APP_ID}>
     <EmbeddedPost href={post.permaLink} 
                   onLoad={() => {
                }} />

And all I keep getting back in return is this error message

This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.

Which begs the question, how can I make the post public during the creation phase or what else can I do so I can render it outside Facebook even though it is within a specific Facebook Page.

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

  • Is the app approved?
    – WizKid
    Oct 13 at 2:28
  • @WizKid The app is still in development Oct 13 at 4:50
  • 1
    Posts made by an app in development mode are only visible to people with a role in the app, and can not be embedded using the plugin.
    – CBroe
    Oct 13 at 6:19
  • @CBroe I see. Does that mean, if the app eventually goes live I can now display it outside using the plugin, right? 2 days ago
  • Yes, that should work then.
    – CBroe
    2 days ago

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