I am looking for a way to customize a scaffold generated by JHipster as easily as possible. Following the idea of the talk side-by-side.

I have found many JHipster-needle hints in the generated Source Code. They are very helpful to see where to insert extensions.

For example the Needle

/* jhipster-needle-add-entity-route - JHipster will add entity modules routes here */

in the class entity-routing-module.ts tells me that where to add a new entity module and the needle

<!-- jhipster-needle-add-entity-to-menu - JHipster will add entities to the menu here -->

in the html-template navbar.component.html tells me where to add the new entity in the menu.

Is there an official guide on how to use the needles? I'm not writing a Blueprint or JHipster modules, but I'd still like to find uncomplicated places to extend the scaffold.

  • Unfortunately there's no such doc Oct 13 at 14:52

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