Everytime I open the extenstion registry, I get this error:

"Unable to access the extension registry. Try again later"

My internet connection is very stable and everything is fine. Also, I don't see this error with my Macbook, which uses the same wifi connection. I am now using windows and this error occur. What should I do? I don't see any clear solution even after searching on google.

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There is a solution!

Copied from a reddit post:

Hey there,

Brackets is not dead! The only problem on current installations is a broken extension manager functionality. A direct, transparent transfer of the registry to the new domain wasn't possible because of Adobe's implementation of SSL. A quick fix for this is simple, we just have to edit config.json:

  • Locate your Brackets installation in your filesystem

  • Go to /www/config.json and open it up to edit

  • Find this: "extension_registry": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/extend.brackets/registry.json",

  • Change to: "extension_registry": "http://registry.brackets.s3.amazonaws.com/registry.json",

  • Find this: "extension_url": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/extend.brackets/{0}/{0}-{1}.zip",

  • Change to: "extension_url": "http://registry.brackets.s3.amazonaws.com/{0}-{1}.zip",

  • Save and (re)start Brackets, the extension manager should work again

I welcome you to see more comments there in the original post.

for my Mac, it was simply this command in the terminal to open the config:

open /Applications/Brackets.app/Contents/www/config.json -a Brackets

Brackets is not being supported anymore, that's why U can't connect the extenstion registry.

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    This is not true. see my answer.
    – ishahak
    Oct 26, 2021 at 11:14

Just replace config.json on www folder with this config.json. Do not rename the file just replace at there. Then restart your Brackets Text Editor. This works for windows

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