I was having trouble copying code from the EasyCrm sample project so I took Alper's advice and tried to generate all of my classes through the ABP Suite. Everything works pretty well until I get to the creation of a navigation property.

ABP Suite seems to be generating code that will not compile.

Here is the screenshot of the ABP Navigation properties page:

 Navigation properties page

And here is the resulting error message:

Error message

And here is the CLI output:

CLI output

And here are the resulting build errors in Visual Studio:

Errors in Visual Studio

Please advise. Is this a bug? Should I just do the navigation properties on my own? Should I change out the AsQueryable() method call for another interface method?


thanks for reporting this issue. With Abp 5.0 Beta 1 version, the IRepository interface does not inherit from IQueryable anymore. I will create an internal issue for your problem.

In meantime, you can change the wrong lines as below

(await _countryRepository.GetQueryableAsync())

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