I need a help on how I can use a do block (to perform IO) in the follow function. Bassicaly I have a Entry like:

data Entry = Entry
  { entryHeader :: String
  , entryBody :: Maybe T.Text
  , entryTags :: [String]
  , entryTime :: UTCTime
  } deriving (Generic, Show, Eq, Ord)

And the follow functions:

getNow :: IO UTCTime
getNow = do
  now <- liftIO getCurrentTime
  pure now

buildNewItem :: TuidoState -> TuidoState
buildNewItem s =
    now <- getNow
    let nextID = 10 
        headerTitle = head $ BE.getEditContents $ _theEdit s
        newEntry = Entry { entryHeader = headerTitle
                         , entryBody = Just ("Test")
                         , entryTime = now <------ how use getNow here.
                         , entryTags = [headerTitle]
      actualEntries = (_entries s)
  in if headerTitle /= ""
     then s { _entries = BL.listInsert 0 newEntry actualEntries }
     else s

Of course, it does not work, I have problems understanding how I need to arrange my code to deal with pure and impure functions, and how to put it together.

Some help here? I'm accepting the suggestion of readings regarding this subject too.

Thanks in advance.

  • To start, in order to use an IO action like getNow, you need to be in an IO context, e.g. something like buildNewItem :: TuidoState -> IO TuidoState. Then, you usually want to let x = ... when you call non-IO functions, and x <- ... when you call IO functions. Maybe you are already doing that correctly, I can't tell.
    – chi
    Oct 13 at 23:17
  • 1
    What is getNow doing for you that getCurrentTime is not? (Spoilers: this is a trick question. They are completely identical in all but name.) Oct 13 at 23:28
  • in must be indented more than its let is indented.
    – Will Ness
    2 days ago
  • another possibility is to omit that in altogether, but then that if after it must start at exactly the same indentation as let above it (and then and else must both be indented more than the if). see stackoverflow.com/tags/do-notation/info.
    – Will Ness
    2 days ago

Simply admit, as getCurrentTime and getNow do, that you are doing IO:

buildNewItem :: TuidoState -> IO TuidoState
  in pure $ if ...
  • with this fix applied, the code will still not work.
    – Will Ness
    Oct 14 at 3:13
  • 1
    @WillNess The clarion call of the StackOverflow question is for help fixing one problem that can't be understood (by the asker, at least). Then it is the asker's responsibility to make progress on their own for a while. Oct 14 at 13:11
  • this reminds me yet again of that answer of mine which gave the OP full working solution to their problem and left making the small remaining change on their own to the code to make it optimal. just like you say it is ought to be done on SO. I really don't understand why I should get the opposite treatment from you for doing the exact same thing as you are doing here and elsewhere, even claiming it to be The Right Thing to do (which was my position from the get go). this seems wantonly unfair. I really am at a loss.
    – Will Ness
    Oct 14 at 17:02
  • (IOW you say it here, but you seem to have said - and acted - the exact opposite there).
    – Will Ness
    Oct 14 at 17:04
  • 1
    @WillNess I don't see any contradiction yet. Suggesting new, bad code to get somebody over a hump is different from correcting only the hump in existing bad code. Oct 14 at 17:06

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