What is the best way to only take the last 10 lines of a text file in Haskell (tail) and output them?

I'm trying to define a function:

getLastTenLines :: String -> String
getLastTenLines s = unlines (take 10 (lines s))

However this takes the first 10 lines of a file. Can this be modified to take the last 10 lines instead?


You might be able to try this:

getLastLines :: Int -> String -> String
getLastLines n s = concat (reverse (take n (reverse (lines s))))

text = "Hello how are you? \n I'm fine how are you? \n Also good!"

tester = getLastLines 2 text
-- tester output: "I'm fine how are you? Also good!"

You give the function a n, the number of last lines you want, and a single string in which the text is and it returns the last n lines of the text as you wanted.

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