I try to exchange Data via RadServer IIS Package and Delphi Client with EMSEndpoint. What I try looks simple to me but I can't get it done now.

In the Package there is a TFDConnection pointing to a MSSql Server. TFDQuery is connected with that Connection. With this code I create the JSON Response (Serverside):

var lStream: TStringStream := TStringStream.create;

    AResponse.Body.SetStream(lStream,'application/json' ,True);

with that code I try to load the Dataset into TFDMemtable (Clientside):

 lstrstream: TStringStream := TStringStream.create(EMSBackendEndpoint.Response.Content);
 aMemtable.LoadFromStream(lstrstream, sfJSON);

The Memtable says [FireDac][Stan]-719 invalid JSON storage format How could that be? I know where the Problem is, there are äöü Symbols in my Stream, but when I load that from one Component to the other it should work, shouldn't it? Any suggestions what I can try? What I have tryed so far:

  • Loading JSON in Client over UTF8toUnicode. That let me load the Memtable but results in missing Letters like öäü
  • Changing UTF8toUnicode on the Serverside and backwords on the Client side. That leads to not readable JSON for the Memtable
  • Loading JSON into JSONString and Format it localy before loading into Memtable. That leads to not Readable JSON because also the Array and Object chars are quoted out.
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    Oct 18 at 16:20
  • answer posted now Oct 18 at 16:22

JSON is most commonly exchanged using UTF-8, but by default TStringStream does not use UTF-8 on Windows, only on Posix systems. Try using TStringStream.Create(..., TEncoding.UTF8) to force UTF-8.

This assumes that FDQuery.SaveToStream() saves using UTF-8, and aMemtable.LoadFromStream() loads using UTF-8, otherwise you will still have an encoding mismatch.

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