Is there any way to compare file changes in Visual Studio Code Side By Side, rather than top down? Regular Visual Studio Enterprise has this option.

This is during git merge conflict resolution.

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2022: update for VSCode 1.69 (June 2022), as noted in Audwin Oyong's answer, there is now a 3-way merge view, which allows a side-by-side resolution.

In this release, we continued working on the 3-way merge editor.
This feature can be enabled by setting git.mergeEditor to true and will be enabled by default in future releases.

The merge editor allows you to quickly resolve Git merge conflicts. > When enabled, the merge editor can be opened by clicking on a conflicting file in the Source Control view.
Checkboxes are available to accept and combine changes in Theirs or Yours:

Merge Editor Conflict Resolution Demo

And VSCode 1.70 (July 2022) will offer a way to open the regular file (not in 3 way merge mode).
Same as diff editor, it could use an action in the editor title area


See PR 155159 and its new action merge.openResult.

Audwin Oyong adds, based on the release notes:

To turn off the 3-way merge view, you can set git.mergeEditor to false.

2021: By default, you see all conflicts "top down", but for each one, clicking on "compare changes" would open a tab with a side-by-side diff.


(from issue 27562)

Not ideal, but a good workaround.

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    It sucks that you can't edit in the side by side view (the way Beyond Compare allows). Jun 13 at 8:42
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    @ShlomoGottlieb I agree. Maybe it will be possible in a future version of VSCode.
    – VonC
    Jun 13 at 8:51
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    That mergeEditor is terrible...
    – mr_squall
    Aug 5 at 3:17
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    @mr_squall It was just introduced in 1.69. Hopefully, it will improve over time.
    – VonC
    Aug 5 at 5:37
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    How can I revert back to the old way of merging? This change makes it impossible for me to resolve conflicts, and VSCode was the absolute best way I had found for this.
    – eirikvaa
    Aug 12 at 16:53

VSCode version 1.69 now includes Three-way merge (3-way merge).

See release note 3-way merge.

demo of 3-way merge

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    Good point, I missed that in my old answer. I have updated said answer, with a link back to yours.
    – VonC
    Jul 15 at 15:46

This is a horrible update. to revert back, just add this "git.mergeEditor": false to settings.json .

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