I am calling the function EnumProcessModulesEx and it fails. I running on a 64-bit machine. Here is the code below:

wchar_t* dest = new wchar_t[100];
int index = SendMessage(processes, LB_GETCURSEL, 0, 0);
SendMessage(processes, LB_GETTEXT, index, (LPARAM)dest);
HMODULE module;
unsigned long cbneeded;
EnableTokenPrivilege(hWnd, SE_DEBUG_NAME);
int errorcode = GetLastError();
BOOL ret = EnumProcessModulesEx(h, &module, sizeof module, &cbneeded, LIST_MODULES_ALL);
int err = GetLastError();
wchar_t* name = new wchar_t[MAX_PATH];
GetModuleBaseName(h, module, name, sizeof name);
MessageBox(hWnd, name, L"Process Name", 0);
delete dest;
delete name;
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BOOL ret = EnumProcessModulesEx(h, &module, sizeof module, &cbneeded, LIST_MODULES_ALL);

The 3rd argument is supposed to be the size of the array of HMODULES you pass in the 2nd argument. You only pass 1, not big enough. Note the lpcbNeeded, it tells you how large the array needs to be to not get the error.

  • Holy mackerel I missed that by a mile thanks. – Daniel Lopez Aug 5 '11 at 20:59

Most probably you are trying to open 32bit process from 64bit application or vice versa. You can only work with processes of the same kind.

Well, what does GetLastError return? EDIT: my bad, I failed hard..

Do error-checking and make sure it's not SendMessage, EnableTokenPrivilege, or OpenProcess that's giving you the error.

  • Read the title it clearly states ERROR_PARTIAL_COPY. – Daniel Lopez Aug 5 '11 at 20:50

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