I'm trying to automate repetitive tasks. I have many functions named as fun1, fun2 and so on. I want to run them in a loop. I.e. have something like for (i in 1:N) as.function( paste0("fun",i). How to do it?


xx = -5:5; 
plot(xx, dnorm(xx), main = "PDF: norm") 
plot(xx, dpois(xx), main = "PDF: pois") 
plot(xx, dbinom(xx), main = "PDF: binom") 

for (i in c("norm", "pois", "binom")) {
  fun <- as.function(paste0("d",i))
  plot(xx, fun(xx), main = paste0("PDF: ", i))  
  • You can pass the functions directly in the loop i.e. for (i in c(mean, sd, var)) { print(i(1:10)) } (I don't get the fun(xx) part in your example code, so i provided my own example ;)
    – dario
    Oct 20, 2021 at 13:56

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Use getFunction to obtain the function object from its string name.

> getFunction("dnorm")
#function (x, mean = 0, sd = 1, log = FALSE) 
#.Call(C_dnorm, x, mean, sd, log)
#<bytecode: 0x7fa2e8bc1730>
#<environment: namespace:stats>

This means you can write

for (i in c("norm", "pois", "binom")) {
  fun <- getFunction(paste0("d",i))
  plot(xx, fun(xx), main = paste0("PDF: ", i))  

Note: dpois needs lambda parameter, so this code causes an error. dbinom also requires additional parameters.

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