I have a Form that needs to be embedded in another Form. I'm placing on TCard:

EmbeddedForm->Parent = ACard;
EmbeddedForm->BorderStyle = bsNone;
EmbeddedForm->Align = alClient;

All is working well, except that menus on the EmbeddedForm are offset to where they would be if the form were located in top left of the screen. To be clear, the menu shows up in the proper place on the EmbeddedForm, but when clicked, the sub-menu is in the wrong place.

I've tried modifying the DrawItem event, but so far I can't call the base class DrawItem() as it's protected:

void __fastcall TEmbeddedForm::File1DrawItem(TObject *Sender, TCanvas *ACanvas, TRect &ARect, bool Selected)
    ARect.Left = MainMenu1.Left;  // or some other calculation, not important yet
    ARect.Top = MainMenu1.Top;

    // ??? how to do normal drawItem from here?

I'm thinking, either I have to draw it myself (I don't want to) or somehow explain to TMainMenu where it's actually located (preferred solution).

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    Is there a reason why you are embedding Forms, instead of using TFrame? Oct 21 at 23:05
  • I just tried using TFrames, in the last two weeks. So many more problems as other forms use the embedded forms for calculations or to push data, etc. I eventually just went back to embedding forms and this is basically the last problem.
    – iplayfast
    Oct 22 at 13:31
  • Forms are designed to be free-floating windows, they are not really meant to be embedded. You really should be using TFrame, it was designed for embedded purposes. Except that TMainMenu is not really meant to be used in embedded UIs. It works for non-embedded Forms, and MDI child Forms. If that is not an option for you, have you tried docking the Forms instead of embedding them as children? It would really help if you could show screenshots of what you are trying to accomplish, and are having trouble with. Oct 29 at 0:19
  • Do you know of any sample code that docks forms programmatically? link Hopefully this image shows the program, with the ide behind it. The panel in the middle with File Options etc menuitems is actually a form. The menu pops up in the top left corner.nowhere near the program.
    – iplayfast
    Oct 30 at 1:44
  • See Implementing Drag and Dock in Controls and ManualDock(). But I would suggest trying a TFrame with a non-TMainMenu type of menu component on it, such as TActionMainMenuBar or TActionToolBar. Oct 30 at 5:15

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