I have an Android library fully written in Java which contains a bunch of comments that I can generate into JavaDoc and see in HTML format.

I would like to find a way of either converting my JavaDoc into Markdown, or straight up generating Markdown from the comments in my Android library project.

For reference, I've looked into Dakka, which only seems to works for Kotlin project, so that seems out of the equation.

  • Markdown is much less expressive than HTML and likely than JavaDoc, too. What do you hope to achieve by converting to Markdown?
    – Chris
    Oct 22 at 1:39
  • @Chris in one word: versatility. To be more specific, we're trying to get all of the library's documentation into Markdown so that we can upload that to one of the many tools that host Markdown documentation, but do not support JavaDoc. Regardless of expressiveness, JavaDoc generally doesn't play nice with other tools the same way Markdown does.
    – Ivan Garza
    Oct 22 at 1:42

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