I am trying to apply different Bootstrap versions to one HTML document. In my document, I am using the latest version of Bootstrap (4.4.1) by default, and the version 3.3.7 in order to use a bootstrap-treeview (https://github.com/jonmiles/bootstrap-treeview).

The two versions of Bootstrap are conflicting, and I cannot have the full content of my page rendered with the best of both versions. I am trying to find a way to apply a version of Bootstrap (3.3.7) to only one div of my HTML code.

This what I have tried :

 <!--Some content with Bootstrap 4.4.1-->
      <style scoped> 
      .tree-div {
        @import url(https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/css/bootstrap.min.css);
    <div class="tree-div" id="tree-div"></div>
 <!--Some content with Bootstrap 3.3.7-->
      <div class="tree" id="tree"></div>

For now I have had no luck in making this work. If you could provide some insight, it would be very helpful.


PS: I have found this material, but none has solved my problem :

  • The main way is to ask package owner what he recommend. "Update" is a valid question. Oct 22 at 7:41

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