I am using cx_oracle module with python 3.7 version and I need to check whether the connection is encrypted. If not I need to set the ssl as true in order to make it encrypted.

Here is my piece of code to make the connection:

import cx_Oracle
dsn = cx_Oracle.makedsn(host='', port=1521, sid='your_sid')
conn = cx_Oracle.connect(user='your_username', password='your_password', dsn=dsn)

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As you are thinking in enabling security to your connection, your first step should be to use a wallet, even before considering using ssl , and avoid using passwords. It does not matter how encrypted is your network traffic, if your passwords are visible in your Python programs. I know it is not part of the question itself, but it is a very good practice and available for cx_Oracle.

One example ( My Python programs runs in a Linux client machine which connects to an Oracle Database in Linux too using ssl )

Client Side

1.Create the wallet

mkstore -wrl "/home/myuser/wallet_directory" -create

2.Create the credential

mkstore -wrl "/home/myuser/wallet_directory" -createCredential mynetalias myuser myuserpw

Where mynetalias is an alias for my tns string connection which I will store on my tnsnames.ora file. In my example I will use the same directory where I created the wallet.

3.Create the tnsnames.ora and add the same alias used in the wallet

mynetalias =
        (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = dbhost.example.com)(PORT = 1521))
        (CONNECT_DATA =
            (SERVER = DEDICATED)
            (SERVICE_NAME = orclpdb1)

4.Create the sqlnet.ora file

    (SOURCE =
        (METHOD = FILE)
        (METHOD_DATA =
            (DIRECTORY = /home/myuser/wallet_dir)

5.Add your TNS_ADMIN environment variable to your bash profile.

echo "export TNS_ADMIN=/home/myuser/wallet_directory" >> .bashrc

If you definitely know that the database server enforces integrity and encryption, then you do not need to configure anything in the client side. However you can also, or alternatively, do so depending on your business needs. Add the following lines to the sqlnet.ora file where the wallet is located


Database Side

In order to setup SSL and encryption we need to add these values to the Database sqlnet.ora file. Review your requirements and discuss the right security algorithms. In my case my database accepts connection either way ( with or without encryption ).


You might want to review these parameters here:

SQLNET Parameters

How to connect


connection = cx_Oracle.connect(dsn="mynetalias")


pool = cx_Oracle.SessionPool(externalauth=True, homogeneous=False,

Remember that dsn must match exactly the alias used in your tnsnames.ora configured before.

Use the information provided by the view V$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO to assure your connection is encrypted ( field network_service_banner)

  • Nice mentioning of the wallet to remove the readable credentials from configs.
    – ik_zelf
    Oct 23, 2021 at 7:43
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    @ik_zelf, thank you for your kind comment. Indeed I think it was worth mentioning, as I believe it won't matter too much that you have ssl when anyone can read your passwords ;) Oct 23, 2021 at 10:01
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    I removed my answer.
    – ik_zelf
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  • Setting TNS_ADMIN in a .bashrc file is OK for some use cases (and operating systems or shells), but not all. For other choices see cx_Oracle doc on Optional Oracle Net Configuration Files (e.g. tnsnames.ora). Oct 23, 2021 at 23:16
  • I'm no security expert but this answer appears to set up Oracle's "native network encryption", which is certainly better than nothing. Setting up SSL is covered in the Oracle doc docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-database/19/dbseg/… Oct 23, 2021 at 23:22

we can use python-oracledb driver which is the major version successor to cx_Oracle 8.3. https://python-oracledb.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user_guide/introduction.html

reference to the code: https://github.com/oracle/python-oracledb/discussions/34

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