I hope you can help me to solve this. I am building a Windows VCL application with C++ Builder. I have a Tedit object in which the user should type a temperature value, 25.35 for example. Before processing it, I need to check if the number is written correctly and, in particular, I need to check if the decimal separator is correct comparing it to the Windows 10 settings. In case the separator is wrong, it should be automatically set correctly and re-write the Text of the Tedit object.

I wrote this code:

char separator = std::use_facet< std::numpunct<char> >(std::cout.getloc()).decimal_point();
AnsiString str = refTemperature->Text;

if (separator == ',') {
    str = StringReplace( str, ".", separator, TReplaceFlags() <<rfReplaceAll );
    str = StringReplace( str, ",", separator, TReplaceFlags() <<rfReplaceAll );

refTemperature->Text = str;

Here, separator is always ".", even when my Windows Control Panel settings are Decimal symbol = ',' and Digit grouping symbol = '.'. So, in this case, the code does not work. Have got a solution? Thank you.

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    The RTL aleady gets that for you, in SysUtils TFormatSettings->DecimalSeparator. See the documentation here
    – Ken White
    Oct 22 at 23:43
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    Why do you even need this? When the time comes to actually parse refTemperature->Text for processing, you could just normalize it at that time to whatever decimal separator you want, eg: String str = StringReplace(refTemperature->Text, _D(","), _D("."), TReplaceFlags() << rfReplaceAll); TFormatSettings fmt = TFormatSettings::Create(); fmt.DecimaSeparator = _D('.'); double dblTemp = StrToFloat(str, fmt); // use dblTemp as needed ... Oct 23 at 0:45
  • Thank you very much @Ken White for your suggestion Oct 23 at 15:41
  • Thank so much @Remy Lebeau for providing the real code. Please, write it as answer so I can mark it. (There is only a very small typo in fmt.DecimalSeparator = _D('.');) Oct 23 at 15:42

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