When I try to run my react native app on expo with expo start, it logs the qr code, but it also logs this error after some time:

Failed to construct transformer: Error: Ca
nnot parse /home/runner/kitsu-mobile-1/.nvm
/test/fast/Unit tests/mocks/project_dirs/ne
sted-both/package.json as JSON: Unexpected
end of JSON input
at Object.<anonymous> (/home/runner/kit

I cannot connect after scanning the qr code with my phone because of that error.

I am using:

  • node 16.2.0
  • npm 7.13.0

I would appreciate any help.

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Very late answer, but seems we are the only 2 that had this error.

If you fill the package.json that give this error with {}, the error disappears!

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