I'm comparing two huge files with Datacompy, the comparaison report shows the differences for only 10 rows. Is there a method to get the full comparaison ?

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The dataframes that you’re comparing have to fit in memory. In comparison with SAS PROC COMPARE which can operate on datasets that are on disk, this could be a constraint if you’re using very large dataframes.


Maybe its because you dont write report into a file

with open('//Path', encoding='utf-8') as report_file:

you can use something like that.

And check datacompy limitations.


The sample and column counts in the report defaults to sample_count=20 and column_count=10, so one potential solution will be to increase these numbers.

compare = datacompy.Compare(
    join_columns='acct_id',  #You can also specify a list of columns
    abs_tol=0, #Optional, defaults to 0
    rel_tol=0, #Optional, defaults to 0
    df1_name='Original', #Optional, defaults to 'df1'
    df2_name='New' #Optional, defaults to 'df2'
# False

# This method prints out a human-readable report summarizing and sampling differences
print(compare.report(sample_count=50, column_count=15 #specify sample_count and column count here))

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