I have a string

|      859706 | Conficker infected host at    |        5744 |       7089 |        5 |                 4 | 1309714576 |
                1 | completed           | 

I need to split the using | which is nothing but pipe ( | ) symbol when i give the following split i get size of the array as 0


where parts and columns are string arrays

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| is a regex special character - you can escape it with backslash, so in java, you would write

columns=parts[i].split("\\|"); //first backslash escapes the second for java

EDIT: and if you need to support trailing empty columns, don't forget to use

columns=parts[i].split("\\|", -1);
  • that -1 options i was looking for +1 for it
    – Hunt
    May 29, 2020 at 10:23

I've had a similar issue and it worked with an escape char in the front i.e.


In split method use "[|]" instead "|".


you can try columns=parts[i].split("|");

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