I can't find anything about that online, no documentation, nothing. Maybe one of you know how to do it or have got some advice for me. Thank you in advance.


There seems to be competing answers on this, but this issue on the Material Components GitHub repository seems to offer the most insight: https://github.com/material-components/material-components-android/issues/2357

Particularly, using an adaptive icon, like this:

<adaptive-icon xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
    <background android:drawable="@color/launcher_icon_background"/>

        <aapt:attr name="android:drawable">
                    android:pathData="m54,74.5l23.3,-29c-0.9,-0.7 -9.9,-8 -23.3,-8c-13.4,0 -22.4,7.3 -23.3,8l23.3,29l0,0c0,0 0,0 0,0zm7.7,-27.3c1.4,1.7 2.3,3.9 2.3,6.3l0,2l-20,0l0,-2c0,-2.4 0.9,-4.6 2.3,-6.3l-2.3,-2.3l1.4,-1.4l2.3,2.3c1.7,-1.4 3.9,-2.3 6.3,-2.3c2.4,0 4.6,0.9 6.3,2.3l2.3,-2.3l1.4,1.4l-2.3,2.3zm-9.7,4.3c0,1.1 -0.9,2 -2,2c-1.1,0 -2,-0.9 -2,-2c0,-1.1 0.9,-2 2,-2c1.1,0 2,0.9 2,2zm8,0c0,1.1 -0.9,2 -2,2c-1.1,0 -2,-0.9 -2,-2c0,-1.1 0.9,-2 2,-2c1.1,0 2,0.9 2,2z" />

... with colors defined in colors.xml that refer to system-defined colors that derive from the Material 3 color pallet:

    <color name="launcher_icon_background">@android:color/system_accent1_100</color>
    <color name="launcher_icon">@android:color/system_neutral1_800</color>

Note that these colors derive from the system-defined pallet, as described in Material Design 3: https://m3.material.io/libraries/mdc-android/color-theming

You will likely have to create separate resource files that target API 31+ specifically. I have not tested out these recommendations.

  • It works but how do I achieve that the design only applies if themed icons is activated in the android device settings?
    – Tom
    Nov 1 at 20:22
  • nvm i saw that this is a pixel launcher feature. thx for ur help
    – Tom
    Nov 1 at 20:27
  • I have no idea on that second question, unfortunately. :( Nov 1 at 20:32

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