This formula works on a per-row basis:

=(IF(today()-D2 > 365,text(D2:D,"mmm yyyy"),text(D2:D,"mmm d")))

But if I make it an ARRAYFORMUAL like below it always returns text(D2:D,"mmm yyyy") even when today()-D2 > 365 is False.

=arrayformula(IF(LEN(D2:D) = 0, "", (IF(today()-D2 > 365,text(D2:D,"mmm yyyy"),text(D2:D,"mmm d")))))

See screenshot below. Column D is the source date. Column F is the ARRAYFORMULA. Column G is the standard formula (hard-coded per row vs ARRAYFORMULA).

I want the ARRAYFORMUAL in column F to replicate the result in column G.

enter image description here


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 TEXT(D2:D, "mmm yyyy"), TEXT(D2:D, "mmm d")), ))

enter image description here


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