I am looking for a web-based WYSIWYG (or WYSIWYM) editor like TinyMCE or WMD Editor (used to write this question) that supports users to write mathematical formulas. I have looked at LaTeX a little bit but it has a learning curve and I am not sure if support for MathML is extensive. Ideally I would also like to avoid having to rewrite an editor and would rather just pick one off the shelf.

Would like to know if any of you have dealt with a similar situation and what solution you adopted/built.


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I was looking for something similar and came across this question. Then I was excited to find Mathquill, via the Wikipedia page on formula editors.

I've used a bunch of different formula editors, from MS Equation Editor to Google Docs' to LyX, and this is probably the most usable/fluid of all of them for simply banging out formulas. And it's web-based and GPL. This thing is much nicer than Google Docs' formula editor, at least.

Still leaves plenty of things to be desired, e.g. so far I've found: bolding, entering things like bra-kets, \hat, undo/redo history, mouse drag selection, etc. But I'm impressed by what's already in there. Anyway, it's just a few Javascript files, and on github.


http://www.dessci.com/en/ has the software to do exactly what you want.


I used texvc in a project a while back (what wikipedea uses) and it was reasonable, but it isn't really WYSIWYG. On the other hand, I prefer that since in many cases it's easier to specify what you mean than draw it.


see here DragMath


which is already used by Moodle and other sites.

And its Open Source

  • All you have to do to make this work is convince the entire planet to install Java on their computers.
    – Dave
    Feb 7, 2012 at 17:10

WIRIS would be another Javascript based visual math editor (commercial license required for some applications).


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