I'm trying to incorporate nicematrix functionalities into my Sphinx documentation. I have MiKTeX and I've intalled the nicematrix package.

In my conf.py file, I added this:

latex_elements  ={'preamble': r'''\usepackage{nicematrix}'''}

In my .rst file, I tried a simple example from nicematrix documentation (https://texlive.mycozy.space/macros/latex/contrib/nicematrix/nicematrix.pdf):

    .. math::
    \NiceMatrixOptions{cell-space-limits = 1pt}
    \frac12 & -\frac12 \\
    \frac13 & \frac14 \\

But this is the error I get:



! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> ...ag \begin {split}\NiceMatrixOptions
                                                  {cell-space-limits = 1pt} ...
l.21 \end{pNiceMatrix}\end{split}

! LaTeX Error: Environment pNiceMatrix undefined.

I'm guessing its because ..math:: refers to amsmath. How do I refer to the nicematrix module then?


  • It works for me. I had to let MiKTeX install the nicematrix package.
    – mzjn
    Nov 6 at 10:21

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