I am trying to deploy JHipster registry to ECS - that's an OOTB 7.1.0 image. I created an ECS task, overriding the environment variables in the container definition:

Overriden environment variables

I also updated EUREKA_CLIENT_SERVICEURL_DEFAULTZONE and EUREKA_INSTANCE_HOSTNAME env. variables to point to the correct service discovery URLs, but I keep on getting UnknownHostException when the registry starts:


So it looks like some vars are picked up, while Eureka URLs are still using the defaults... In turn, I am not getting any instances registered:

Empty Eureka page

Am I just missing how it all works? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Maybe this tutorial will he

Jhipster Registry on ECS Tutorial

  • Thank you for taking a look, Anthony! I actually gave up on trying to figure it out with ECS. Ended up switching to EKS instead where it all worked like charm!
    – Vanessa S.
    Nov 18 at 23:13
  • I did somethig with this guide jhipster.tech/aws using AWS Elastic Beanstalk just one command i just see some problem with se tomcat version but the deploy was fine. Nov 19 at 7:28

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