In the API Gateway UI for Integration Requests, it lets you select AWS Service --> Batch.

How can I create Batch Jobs pointed to a Batch Job Definition (via ARN?) from here?

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@Kalanos, I have captured the full details in this blog post but here it is the TL/DR in case:

Integration request configuration:

Integration Type: AWS Service
AWS Region: us-east-2
AWS Service: Batch
HTTP method: POST
Action Type: Use path override
    Path override: /v1/submitjob

Mapping Template:

  "jobName": "arbitrary-job-name",
  "jobQueue": "[job-queue-name]",
  "jobDefinition": "[job-definition-name]"

Note that the jobQueue and jobDefinition need to be pre-configured in AWS Batch. The Execution role needs to be an IAM role that have a trust with the API GW service and have enough permissions to submit a job to Batch.

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