Using Pulumi, I created an EFS filesystem. I want to add the mount to a launch configuration userdata by adding: mount -t efs -o tls fs-xxx:/ /mnt/efs. How can I add the efs.id to the launch configuration userdata? (I can't convert an output to a string)

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You can't convert an Output to a string, but you can write a string once the output has resolved. You do this with an apply.

You can also use the @pulumi/cloudinit package to make this easier.

The following example is in typescript, but should apply to all Pulumi SDKs:

import * as cloudinit from "@pulumi/cloudinit";

const efs_fs = new aws.efs.FileSystem("foo", {

const userData = efs_fs.id.apply(id => cloudinit.getConfig({
    gzip: false,
    base64Encode: false,
    parts: [{
        contentType: "text/cloud-config",
        content: JSON.stringify({
            packages: [
            mounts: [\"${id}\", '/mnt/efs'],
            bootcmd: [
            runcmd: [

You can then pass userData.rendered to any resource you're trying to create

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