I want to convert this:

[null, 1890, null, NGU]

...into this:

[[], [1890], [], [NGU]]

I've tried creating a new array and pushing values to it, but that just ends up looking the same. Honestly, I'm unsure of what to even call what I'm trying to create. Is it a two-dimensional array or an array of objects?

This is for a google app script and the documentation calls it a two-dimensional array of values.

  • This is really a JavaScript question, more than (or as well as) a GAS question, since you would be writing JavaScript in your GAS script to do this. Commented Nov 16, 2021 at 15:38

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var arr = [null, 1890, null, 'NGU']
var arr2d = arr.map(x => [x])

console.log(arr2d) // output --> [ [ null ], [ 1890 ], [ null ], [ 'NGU' ] ]

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