I'm trying to post a comment on live videos,

I'm getting error when i am POST over to /{live_video_id}/comments

Unsupported post request. Object with ID '4273758699413587' does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation.

But when i do a GET request /{live_video_id}/comments i am able to get it.

I already added in the permission etc but still am getting error, am i using the wrong endpoint for this action?

This is the one i'm using: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/video/comments/

These are all the permissions i enabled: pages_read_engagement, pages_manage_engagement, user_link, pages_read_user_content, pages_show_list, user_posts, pages_messaging, user_videos, Live Video API


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