Hello World.

I would like to extract significant weather over an area from a weather map.

This is what the map looks like

The blacks "clouds like" lines define severals areas in which differents type of weather phenomenas will occur. The blue dashed area labbeled "1" is the same type of area but reffer to the legend of the map, on the right top side.

I already manage to extract all the contours (in green). That's pretty much all I can do for now because I just discovered OpenCV. (Please be kind if I missed anything)

I assume the next step is to look in which areas the place I am intrested about is located. And then try to retrieve all the significant waether symbols located inside. But I definitly dont know how to do that for the moment.

Any help, hints, suggestions are very welcome !

The constants in this project are :

  • The map will always be centered and zoomed the exact same way.
  • The region I am intrested about will always be the same (red circle that I drew with paint)

The variable of this project are :

  • Between two differents map, the shapes of the significant weather areas will completely change.
  • Significant weather symbols in the areas will of course also change

Thank you very much for your time guys.

PS : Those maps are named "TEMSI". If someone know a different way that using computer vision to do the job I want to do. I am definitly intrested too.



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