I used pandas to read the csv file and was able to create a dictionary from it but need to create the dictionary as a specific format.

flightinfo = pd.read_csv('flightdata.csv',quotechar='"',names=['starting_airport', 'destination_airport', 'airline', 'time', 'start_state','end_state'], header=None)

flightinfodict = flightinfo.to_dict(orient='records')

this gives the output

[{'starting_airport': 'Hilo International Airport', 'destination_airport': 'Boise Airport ', 'airline': 'delta', 'average_time_taken': 300, 'start_state': 'HAWAII', 'end_state': 'IDAHO'}

but the output i need is

{'Hilo International Airport' : {'destination_airport': 'Boise Airport ', 'airline': 'delta', 'average_time_taken': 300}

how can i modify the code to produce this output



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Set starting_airport as index and use to_dict(orient='index'):



{'Hilo International Airport': {'destination_airport': 'Boise Airport ',
  'airline': 'delta',
  'average_time_taken': 300,
  'start_state': 'HAWAII',
  'end_state': 'IDAHO'}}



since you indicate you need only these three columns in the dict.

  • Thank you for your help, but i have 100 rows of data and the orient = 'index' doesnt work with this method it returns, raise ValueError("DataFrame index must be unique for orient='index'.") ValueError: DataFrame index must be unique for orient='index'.
    – Obito8750
    Nov 17, 2021 at 17:55
  • This means that you have multiple similar values in the starting_airport column. The output you desired is thereby not possible (you can't have a dict with similar keys). I'm not sure what output you want then, but you could try this: df.groupby('starting_airport')[['destination_airport','airline','average_time_taken']].apply(lambda x: x.to_dict('r')).to_dict() Nov 17, 2021 at 18:36

There may be a more sophisticated way of doing it, but this processing of the record-oriented dict should do the job:

def get_dict_without(d, key_to_remove):
  return d

new_flightinfodict = [{rec["starting_airport"]: get_dict_without(rec, "starting_airport")} for rec in flightinfodict]

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