Just wondering if there is an error here.

In frappe/utils/pdf.py:

def read_options_from_html(html):
        options = {}
        soup = BeautifulSoup(html, "html5lib")



        # use regex instead of soup-parser
        for attr in ("margin-top", "margin-bottom", "margin-left", "margin-right", "page-size", "header-spacing", "orientation"):
                        pattern = re.compile(r"(\.print-format)([\S|\s][^}]*?)(" + str(attr) + r":)(.+)(mm;)")
                        match = pattern.findall(html)
                        if match:
                                options[attr] = str(match[-1][3]).strip()

        return str(soup), options

The match pattern configuration is

and if a match is found the <value> part is extracted (match[3]) which is only the numeric part without the 'mm' suffix.

However we see the default values that are set for margin-{right|left|top|bottom} in def prepare_options() and def prepare_header_footer() are set to values that include a 'mm' unit suffix, e.g.: options["margin-top"] = "15mm"

I'm not familiar enough to know whether 'mm' is simply added in subsequent processing if not present? Or is it the case that the units should also be included? (In which case the semicolon terminator will/might require additional consideration.)


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