Not sure if anyone has come across this, but currently porting a K13 MVC project over to K13 .Net core (5.0) - both using the same CMS just different Kentico libraries packages but of same hotfix version.

standard Search API functionality being used in both with exact same parameters for a search query but finding that .net core instance will return a TreeNode in its searchResults.Items Data object where the MVC would return its stronglyTyped object


        protected ItemsAndCount<News> GetItemsAndCount(string nodeAliasPath, int pageSize = 12, string searchText = "", int currentPage = 0, int category = 0, int year = 0)
        var culture = LocalizationContext.CurrentCulture.CultureCode;
        var defaultCulture = CultureHelper.GetDefaultCultureCode(SiteContext.CurrentSiteName);
        var combineWithDefaultCulture = SiteInfoProvider.CombineWithDefaultCulture(SiteContext.CurrentSiteName);
        var documentTypes = News.CLASS_NAME;
        var docCondition = new DocumentSearchCondition(documentTypes, culture, defaultCulture, combineWithDefaultCulture);
        var condition = new SearchCondition(GetExtraConditions(category, year), SearchModeEnum.ExactPhrase, SearchOptionsEnum.NoneSearch, docCondition, false);
        var query = ValidationHelper.GetString(searchText, string.Empty);
        var path = nodeAliasPath + "/";

        var parameters = new SearchParameters
            Path = path,
            SearchFor = SearchSyntaxHelper.CombineSearchCondition(query, condition),
            SearchSort = OrderBy,
            CurrentCulture = LocalizationContext.CurrentCulture.CultureCode,
            DefaultCulture = CultureHelper.GetDefaultCultureCode(SiteContext.CurrentSiteName),
            CombineWithDefaultCulture = SiteInfoProvider.CombineWithDefaultCulture(SiteContext.CurrentSiteName),
            User = MembershipContext.AuthenticatedUser,
            SearchIndexes = SearchIndexHelper.SEARCHINDEX_NEWS,
            DisplayResults = pageSize,
            StartingPosition = currentPage == 0 ? 0 : (currentPage - 1) * pageSize,
            NumberOfProcessedResults = 10000

        var searchResult = SearchHelper.Search(parameters);
        //TotalNoOfRecords = searchResult.TotalNumberOfResults;

        return new ItemsAndCount<News>
            Items = GetItems(searchResult.Items).ToList(),
            Count = searchResult.TotalNumberOfResults

Debug Results on each side by side

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So according to the API docs for SearchHelper, this does look like intended behavior. But you don't actually have to use SearchHelper. You could call the Azure Search client directly and work with the SearchDocument object it returns. An example of this is in the LearningKit for 13.


So this turned out to be an issue due to having all generated code files in a separate library


what was throwing me is that all the rest of the site was actually running as expected without this, only searchitems & customtableitems where not returning as strongly typed.

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