I know that you want to suggest me private api or any scraper. I used them but they don`t return accounts geolocation. In my application I want to get instagram accounts geolocation, likes, comments, followers and follows in order to get engagement of account.

If you say it is not possible look TrendHero website it returns all information about users, followers rank, country information and other handy information which you can find in your insights (in instagram account) without users permissions.

  • Instagram only allows you to use their API. They don't allow you to scrape them. Just because some site does it doesn't mean it is allowed or will not break tomorrow for them.
    – WizKid
    Nov 21 at 18:06
  • @WizKid you are right and I know that instagram didn`t allowed them, but just think that how they get this information. And how this information is the same with my insights in instagram account.
    – admarumma
    Dec 2 at 13:09

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