I've been trying to include my unity game onto my webapp through different methods including: WebGL and the react-unity-webgl library (which is too poorly documented to work).

All I need is for it to display the game and allow users to interact with it, my last resort would be an iframe.

I have my Unity WebGL output files in a public dir and I'm calling them as documented, but all I see on the web developer tools is a blank canvas with an id, so it must be picking up the id but none of the content?

Here's some screengrabs for context:

Unity Game:

Unity Game

Files in public dir:

public dir files

ReactJS code calling WebGL files:

import React from 'react';
import Unity, {UnityContext} from 'react-unity-webgl';

const unityContext = new UnityContext({
    loaderUrl: "reactUnity/ReactUnity.loader.js",
    dataUrl: "reactUnity/ReactUnity.data",
    frameworkUrl: "buildUnity/WebGL.framework.js",
    codeUrl: "buildUnity/WebGL.wasm",

export default function TownCreatorUnity(){
            <Unity unityContext={unityContext} style={{width: '100%', height: '100%'}}/>

local host display after function is called:

web display

web developer tools output:

web developer tools

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